I am a registered Jungian psychoanalyst and depth psychologist (MSc).
I work with people of all ages who experience psychological problems of all sorts. We can speak Dutch or English.
I work face to face and online.

As your depth psychologist, I embark with you on a journey of uncovering your psyche, making unconscious that create the struggles you face conscious. Not only will you become aware of the things you have repressed, rejected or simply never noticed, but you will integrate and heal the complexes that keep you in a vicious circle of helplessness, pain and defeat.

I help individuals give voice to their soul by integrating the unconscious layers of the mind. I am inspired by the belief of Carl Jung that ‘until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.’

Using an integrative approach that draws on the best of western and eastern psychology and philosophy, with my guidance you can heal and reawaken the deepest parts of your soul for a fuller, more fulfilling life, whatever the obstacles you may be facing.

Depth psychology

The term ‘depth psychology’ was coined at the turn of the twentieth century. It has come to mean those psychologies that orient themselves around the idea of the ‘unconscious’: those parts of your psyche of which you are unaware.

The unconscious mind consists of the processes in the psyche that occur automatically and are not available for introspection. It includes memories, thoughts and feelings, but also content that has never been made conscious.

Even though these processes exist deep beneath the surface of conscious awareness, they exert an impact on your thoughts, feelings and behaviour. An example of this is complexes, the unconscious feelings and beliefs, that can lead to anxiety, depression and psychosis.

The unconscious mind can only be understood symbolically, as its content is organised in an associative manner (like an abstract painting), instead of a logical, literal manner.

Carl Gustav Jung, the father of ‘depth psychology’, divided the unconscious into two layers: the Collective Unconscious and the Personal Unconscious.

The Collective Unconscious is the deepest level of the psyche, containing the accumulation of inherited collective psychic structures or archetypes. The Personal Unconscious consists of repressed feelings and memories (trauma), as well as unconscious, yet dormant abilities and potentialities.

As a depth psychologist, I study your Personal Unconscious material (e.g. your dreams, associations and life problems). Together, we embark on a journey to make the unconscious conscious, to help you become aware of the things you have repressed, rejected or simply never been noticed. You heal as begin to understand and explore their significance and integrate them, allowing for a transformation in your awareness – of your Consciousness.

How I work: an integrative approach

Trained as a Jungian analyst or depth psychologist, I help individuals give voice to their soul by integrating the unconscious layers of the mind.

With Sigmund Freud’s discovery of the unconscious could the healing arts extend to the mental-emotional intersection of the human personality. Yet even early colleagues of Freud saw that the unconscious, despite its wealth of information about the life and state of the personality, was not the sole key to psychic illness.

Freud’s emphasis lay in the ideational content of the individual’s mental substrata. Carl Jung included the soul in psychiatric treatment. He recognized that ‘the God image in the human psyche’ constitutes a powerful and a healthful component of the collective human unconscious.

Thus, Jung included the soul in therapy and by doing so created an integrative approach to heal the psyche, combining Western psychology and spirituality.

Besides Jungian and Freudian psychoanalysis, I use other therapeutic approaches to heal trauma, integrate complexes, forge a new identity and find meaning in life. For this I have developed an integrative approach.

As a therapist I combine different schools and techniques:

  • Depth psychology (Jungian and Freudian psychoanalysis)
  • Humanistic psychology (existential analysis / logotherapy)
  • Transpersonal psychology (‘height’ psychology), such as Buddhist psychology
  • Psychosynthesis (Assagioli)
  • Integral psychology (Wilber)
  • Diamond approach (Almaas)
  • Pathwork (Pierrakos)
  • Perennial philosophy (Eastern and Western)

In addition to talking, therapy includes the use of active imagination, creativity (drawing) and the interpretation of dreams and synchronicities (the events of our lives that are not quite as arbitrary as we think), to understand the unconscious as it relates to the unique context of a person’s individuation process.

Healing through contemplation

Ancient Greek and Yogic theory see the essence of the human being as spiritual, both substance and attribute. Swiss physician Paracelsus and nineteenth-century poet Walt Whitman saw us as ‘universal spirit’ individualised somehow in matter; and religious thinkers and healers from Buddha and Jesus to Pierre Teilhard de Chardin have conceived of us in the same way.

Our spiritual essence is the most authentic and enduring part of our being – it can never be damaged. The Vajrayana tradition of Tibetan Buddhism, for example, conceptualises our essence as a diamond. Through the healing process of therapy, you will rediscover this inner jewel and let it shine.

To bring your essence into awareness, I use a contemplative approach that combines psychoanalysis with spiritual practices such as meditation. This brings to the therapeutic relationship qualities of mindfulness and compassion, helping clients access their fundamental goodness and natural wisdom.

To book a one-hour session, call me at (+31) 06 – 2167 9610 (The Netherlands) or send a message to info@sandervideler.com

About me

I was born in 1976. Early in life, I became interested in depth psychology as I experienced inner and outer conflicts that traditional, cognitive and behavioural psychology could not resolve. Since then, I have been in a continuous process of study, therapy and self-development.

My personal experiences have contributed to a genuine understanding of the depths and complexities of the psyche and the obstacles in the development of Consciousness. Having travelled extensively and lived in different countries, I appreciate and understand cultural differences and mindsets, and how to help individuals from all backgrounds heal trauma and achieve greater awareness.


Training as Philosophical Counsellor (2020 – 2024)

Master of Science in Depth Psychology, graduated as a licensed Jungian analyst from the Academy for Depth Psychology in The Netherlands (2007– 2012)

Master of Arts in Social Studies from the University of Amsterdam (1996 – 2000)

Start therapy

My integrative approach to depth psychology can help you overcome the deepest struggles of your psyche and your soul. Amongst others, these include:

  • Depression, feeling of loss, emptiness
  • Isolation & loneliness
  • Anxiety & panic attacks
  • Self-esteem, self-confidence
  • Neurosis (obsessive compulsive disorder)
  • Psychosis
  • Personality disorders (borderline, narcissism)
  • Psychosomatic symptoms
  • Trauma
  • Burn-out & career issues
  • Sexuality
  • Relationships & divorce
  • Bereavement & loss
  • Chronic/terminal illness
  • Life transitions
  • Identity
  • Finding meaning in life


The duration of a session is one hour. The cost for one hour is 95 euro paid at the end of each session.

Persons with a lower income can contact me about a reduced rate.

Sessions are held either in person or online. In-person sessions are held in either Heerlen or Maastricht (the Netherlands) and online sessions on the platform of your choice.

Contact me

Email: info@sandervideler.com

Tel: (+31) 06 – 2167 9610

Heerlen: Willemstraat 91 (nearby train- & bus station)

Maastricht: Elisabeth Strouvenlaan 51A